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Jay's Custom Drums LLC

Complete Custom Drum & Percussion Specialist

Welcome To: Jays Custom Drums,

In today's economy of low quality/low cost and mass production, musicians are not left with many choices.

That's where JaysCustomDrums defies the standard of normal.

I offer complete Custom Drum Services, Cymbal Smithing,

and complete re-fabrication of existing drums for all musical applications.

I offer completely one of a kind original products that are instruments, and pieces of art work. All of my drums are 100% Made in the USA using the latest technology meshed with years of expertise.

Specializing in custom retrofits, shell construction, complete design and kit fabrication. I offer complete kits, partial kits, single one off pieces, and a wide array of drum building services.

I provide my services through the Delmarva Area and we Ship our product World Wide.

I have custom drums in SIX countries around the globe as well as over Thirty states here in the United States of America.

Jays Custom Drums has you covered with over Fifteen Years in the Entertainment and Information/Technology industries. We greatly value our customers and enjoy working with drummers who want the very best sound and appearance in their drums. 

I make it easy for customers to learn and understand what the product does, as well as keep the client aware of future products and technologies as the industry continues towards the future. We feel an informed client knows what he/she wants, and with that information, We make imagination come alive.

I am looking forward to serving your technical needs as well as build relationships with residents and companies.

With years of experience, there is adaptation to any situation. Weather you are building a new drum kit, looking for a custom one of a kind snare drum, or looking to give that old tired drumset a New Fresh and Exotic Look, at JaysCustomDrums we make your percussion dreams into reality.

About Us: My company is based on the belief that our customers' needs are of the utmost importance, and therefore I am committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.

I operate a small company originally operating in NJ since 2001. I provide customers the Latest in custom drum technology with quality and performance being a key priority.

In 2009 I opened an shop in Milford, DE, and in 2015 relocated to Eden, Maryland where I continue to provide Delmarva residents, drummers, and businesses with the very best in Custom Percussion quality. I would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.

I look forward to working with you on your next percussion project.Weather its a single snare drum or a HUGE 18PC Triple bass kit, we take pride in knowing that you will LOVE your drum kit and enjoy it for years as each of our kits are hand crafted to the HIGHEST Quality standards with a personal touch of passion for percussion.  

Mailing and Correspondence

Location:   Jays Custom Drums LLC

                 14000 Sandy Ridge Court

                 Eden, MD 21822

Phone#      1732-406-3534

Office Hours:   By Appointment Only.

Check us out on FaceBook, and YouTube. We have demo video's on YouTube.

Make everyone envy your drums, start a conversation, meet friends.


  • I offer the latest in custom drum packages, and various drum services.
  • Complete drum kit reconditioning.
  • Drum Wraps, Custom Heads, Lugs, Etc.
  • I provide services from single drum wraps, to entire custom kits.

We offer:

  • Complete Drum Kit Design, Consultation, and Fabrication.
  • Pro Custom Kit Design and Fabrication.
  • Drum Kit Reconditioning - Re Wrap.
  • Custom Lug installations.
  • Drum kit Tuning, and Custom Muffling Control.
  • Custom Snare Drums.
  • Ongoing technology advancements, management and support.
  • Complete drum building services from design to finished product.

I use the Latest in Technology and Software to Render all the work I do in CAD3D to ensure the greatest quality is used when fabricating your drums. Your approval in our products is the number One factor that drives my business. I am not going to just make you pick a drumset off the floor like music stores do. I want you to LOVE your New Drums.

Drum Re-Fabrication Services

We have an extensive drum rebuild program.

Drum Kit Re-fabrication:         Makes old drums looks and sound like new..

Here is my 10 step process:

  1. Complete kit disassembly, and evaluation of all parts for any flaws or damage.
  2. Clean, sand and prep shells for finish or wrapping.
  3. Clean, Polish, repair, and or replace all Lugs, hoops, mounts and other parts.
  4. Complete drum shell wrap or finish application.
  5. Bearing edges are cut using our laser guided router, and All holes are drilled on a laser plotted drilling rig made specifically for drum shells.
  6. Quality inspection.
  7. Installation of Lugs, Mounts, Badge's and Vent Hole Grommets.
  8. Installation of Heads, Hoops, and any additional parts
  9. Sound Tuning done with computerized oscilloscope based tuning software.
  10. Final Quality Inspection of completed product. NO flaws are permitted......

Prices for kit re-fabrication:

3-4 PC kits - 299.00 + cost of wrap

5-6 PC kits - 399.00 + cost of wrap

7-9 PC kits - 599.00 + cost of wrap

Here are some other examples of our drum re-fabrication.

Featured Below:      The "Copious Poor" Project

Complete re-fabrication of a performing band drum set.

Started with a 5pc kit, then added more.

Bass drum 2 New Bearing Edges

A second bass drum, extra floor tom, and an extra rack tom were added.

Entire pack of 7 shells were re-fabricated using our "above mentioned" process.

Upon completion this kit looked and sounded STELLAR!!!!

Band Logo Front Resoheads not shown as we were waiting for them to be finished,

8PC Rogers Mash Up

Customer bought two identical kits and wanted to combine.

Shown Left: 8 Rogers Drums.

Shown Top: 4 Mounted Toms.

Shown Below: Bass and Floor Tom Shells

                     After New Bearing Edges were cut..

Completed assembly: Diamond Plate wrap, All hardware cleaned & Polished.

Shown Above: Dual Floor Tom's size 16X16, & Four Mounted/Rack Toms

sizes: Two @ 11x13" and Two at 10x12"

Shown Below: Two 16x22 Bass Drums with Matching Inlays, & Mic Ports.

4 PC Pure Percussion Early 80's Shell Re-fabrication.

Shown above: Bass and Floor Tom Shells with Peeling old wrap, and bad edges.

Shown above: All four shells with new bearing edges & White Marine Pearl wrap installed.

Shown below: Drilled and Re-Badged Bass Shell with Matching Inlays on Mahogany hoops.

We can do this with your drums too!

Custom Keller VSS Maple Kit with Chrome Diamond Plate Wrap

And Don't Forget that important Snare Drum:

Get that CANNON you Deserve!!!

Featured below are just some of our completed snare drums.

Specializing in restoration of classic and vintage drums.

Shown below: 1941 WFL Snare drum 3ply.      Make a 70 year old drum look & sound new.

Size: 7X14" Sapphire Blue with Hand Laid Metallic Silver Stripe,

Metallic Silver Powder Coated Lug's with Chrome Over Steel hoops. Rebuilt 1941 Snare Throw-off, & 14"x20 count steel snare wires.

Early 1980's 14" Mahogany & Ash Restoration

We are Proud to work with the Following Brands:

Tama, Pearl, Ludwig, Mapex, Yamaha, Singerland, Rogers, DWDrums, Sonor, Gretsch, Zildjian, Sabian, TRX, Saluda, DreamCymbals, Wuhan and Other Brands such as Keller Drum Shells, & MM Custom Millworks.

Call today for a FREE initial consultation!


The"Brothers in Arms" offer.

Present any US Military, Police, or Fire Dept. ID Card,

and receive up to 15% Off drum Services.

We SupportOurTroops.

Brought to you by a Proud U.S.Veteran..

Regret Not

Mirrors Edge Instrumental

NAMM Booth Tour Track