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Jay's Custom Drums LLC

Complete Custom Drum & Percussion Specialist

JCD Products:

I carry a wide range of products to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. Our most popular products are shown below. Please call, or click the Contact Us Link for more information on products, current promotions and custom options.

All kit packages contain standard hardware. Custom Mounts/Brackets, and other miscellaneous items required will be addressed accordingly.

We perform repairs, replacements, and rebuilds.

I offer complete repair services for all percussion equipment.

I carry both, New and Used drum heads, as well as replacement parts.

I perform custom drum kit refabrication.

After years of use a drum kit can often get scratched, dented and other damaging things happen. Drummers take Pride in their drums and No one wants a beat up drum kit.

I can rebuild and rewrap you drum kit for a FRACTION of the cost of a new drum kit.

Go from this:

To This:

I do all work in house to provide the greatest quality and keep turn around time low.

Custom Bass Drum: 12 Ply Maple size 20"X22"

Make your walls shake when you hit your bass drum.

Custom packages are allways available.  

Sizes: RT1-10X12, RT2-11X13, FT1-16X16, BD-18X22      (Depth X Head Size)

Mirror Chrome Diamond Plate over 100% Maple Keller VSS Shells.

As Shown MSRP: 2,200.00     Our Price was 899.99


I carry all of the following shells:

100% Maple, 50%Maple/50%Birch, Birch Bubinga, BassWood,

50%Poplar/50% Maple, Mahogony & Custom Acrylic PolyProplene.

Drum shells can be ordered in any size from:

8X8 - 20X20 6PLY,       or         8x8 - 20X22 8Ply,

10X10 -20X24 10 Ply,    or     10X10 - 22X22 12Ply.

Thick 14, 20, 26, and 30 Ply Shells by Special Order and can get Pricey.

Many different options for Snare Drums.

Custom STAVE Shells are also available by special order.

Featured below is one of our custom Stave Shell Snare Drums.

Discounts on all Custom Snare Drums, 4 and 5 PC Drum kits.

Bleeding Fusion - Birch 5PC.

8Ply Birch finished in deep "blood" Red Laquer

B:18x22, FT:14x14,   RT:10x12 & 8x10,   SN: 5x14

Custom Snare Drums

7x14 8Ply VSS Maple with tube lugs and custom edges and snare bed.

Custom Diamond Plated Snare Drums

Custom inner and outer shell designs with custom hardware

Custom Snare:

Steel Shell 7x14

Mirror Chrome Diamond Plate inner

and Mirror Chrome outer shell with

custom triple flange hoops, custom

lugs, custom ThrowOff, PureSound

snare wires, and Hydraulic head.

Sound - High Crack Very Loud and micro sensitive.

Shown Left is the inside of the above mentioned snare

Custom Demonic Snare.

Diamond Plate Wrap over 10 PLY Keller Maple Shell. size 7"x14"

Trick Floating snares, Black Anodized Hoops, And Black Maniac Lugs.

Black Diamond Series

Hybrid Shell of Maple & Mahagony size 10x13 with Vertical Grain Pattern.

TearDrop Lugs, Black Diamond Finish, Custom Bearing Edges, & Snare Bed.

Evans Heads, Tru Pitch Rods, Gibralter Snare Wires.

The Blue Blaster

Keller Maple Custom Snare Size: 6.5 X 14" 8Ply Custom Bearing edges &

Snare bed. Color matched Die Cast Hoops, Deluxe Granstar Lugs, Throw off,

& Butt Plate. Evans Heads, Tru-Pitch Rods, ProSound Snare Wires.


100% Genuine Beechwood stave shell. Size 6"x10" with Black Tube Lugs, Black hardware,

Rims Mount, Tru-Pitch Rods, Evans Heads, Puresound BlasterPro Snare Wires.

Plum Crazy

The Hybrid Purple Monster.

Features Metal Shell with Maple Veneer Interior.

More To Come...

Got an Idea of your own???


Double bass and multi tom kits are our Specialty.

I Proudly support our nations military.

Custom Camo Kits available.

I offer SIX different traditional Camo patterns:

US Army/USMC - Standard Camo, Digital Dessert Camo, Snow Camo.

US Navy - Artic/Blue Camo, UDT Dark Camo,

Swat Team/Police - Urban Camo

Other Finishes:

I Offer Gloss, Matte, Satin, Pearls, Flames, Fades, and other Custom Laquer Finishes.

I also offer a LARGE variety of colors and styles of drum wraps.

Contact us to find what wrap or Laquer Finish is perfect for you..

Current sales are allways changing as new products are offered.

Call or Email us for current availability & prices for any products shown.

More pictures will be added as custom kits are completed.

Check back often as we consistently offer new products.

Be the first to know! Get on our mailing list to stay up-to-date on everything that’s going on. Check us out on  FaceBook, and YouTube. We have video's on Youtube.

We are easy to find on Youtube. Simply search for JaysCustomDrums and our channel is the first result in the list..    Check out live demo videos of our products and services....

Check our Cymbal page for GREAT info on custom cymbals and repair services.

NAMM Pearl Booth Tour Track

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